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Space Availability - Hostos Library

Study rooms are on the lower level of the library.


Your group may use a study room for up to two hours per day. Small study rooms are for use by 2-4 students. Large study rooms are for use by 4-8 students.

If you are over 15 minutes late for your reservation, another group of students will be allowed to use the room.

Talking is a natural part of group work! But sound can carry to other parts of the library, so please be aware of your noise level and be considerate of other students who are studying.

As in the rest of the library, food and uncovered drinks are not allowed in the study rooms.

To make a reservation

Choose your date first with the “go to date” button below. You can reserve a room up to three days in advance.

Each square is half an hour; select up to four squares for a maximum of two hours.

(If you are using a screen reader, please see this page)

If you need help, come see the librarian or tech tutor in the Information Learning Commons (ILC)—the room with the computers. You can also call us at (718) 518-4215, chat with us, or email us at

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