Our library has 4 study rooms. Groups must have a minimum of 3 people to reserve a room. Groups are limited to 2 hours per day in library study rooms. Reservations must be made on the same day that a group is planning to use the room.

208A and 208B: Small study rooms, best suited for 3-5 people

  • On the lower-level of the library, turn right immediately after walking downstairs and continue through the long corridor, the two study rooms are on the right.
  • These rooms are equipped with a dry-erase board.

213B and 213C: Large Study Rooms, best suited for 5-8 people

  • On the lower-level of the library, turn 180 degrees immediately after walking dowstairs, these two larger rooms are under the stairs, near the windows.
  • These rooms are equipped with a PC connected to a large-screen TV and dry-erase board.

Please use your Hostos Email address on the form below, to book a study room. You may book a room up to 2 days in advance. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after you book your room. If you need to cancel your reservation, please use the link provided in the confirmation email.

When you arrive for your study room appointment, you may go directly to your room. You need not check-in anywhere. You may borrow a wireless keyboard/mouse, dry-erase markers and erasers from the Reference Desk. Please bring one group member's Hostos ID to the Reference Desk when borrowing items.